My Lost Love

If wishes were horses they say,
But it hurts more than that!
Sometimes I ask why I got to know you?
Know you this much,
And yet can’t be the “last man standing”?
Was I too early?
Too young?
When we met.
Memories come rushing back as I write this,
That first day we spoke at the Geography lab,
Although I had sighted the angel you are earlier.
And then the journey began,
One that continues even till today,
The happy moments I hold dear to my heart,
Conflicts made the bond even stronger!
How time travels,
Now, years on I reminisce
On what we had and still do or so I think.
Letting go was indeed a trying time for me
Made worse by the fact that we didn’t quarrel!
As hard as it was,
I had to accept my fate,
Some one tried explaining it this way,
“You guys were too good to be together”
Another said,
“You were not meant to be”!
Oh how cruel fate can be sometimes!
It hurts so bad anytime I see, hear from/about you,
About the guy there now,
Even though my face is covered with smiles,
Inside me is a crying soul
All I pray,
All I wish now,
That he makes you happier than I could ever have made you!
Your dreams all fulfilled with him,
That will be my only consolation dear.
Because even though we’ve both chatted a new course,
I still think very highly of you,
And you’ll always hold a special place/part of my heart/life!
Never forget that,
Cos I won’t!
All the best my special friend,
From my heart.
God bless.




The sudden strike of thunder jolted me back

Even thou the room was dark,

he lightening produced a rough view

Another soul lying innocently beside me

Hiding from the cold underneath the small wrapper

Ekaete oh poor girl!

Sent parking from home by her wicked step mother!

You wonder why?

Let me tell you my pathetic story,

We were young and full of unguarded energy.

I literally saw sparks whenever I saw her!

Her smile left me speechless,

The sensation her skin produced on mine

Can only best be imagined.

In simple words, we were “LOVE BIRDS”!

And in our final year in school,

Reading at night was inevitable!

Then came that night.

On a chilling November night

The harmattan season at its peak here in Jos,

A gentle tap on my back distracted my unsettled concentration.

Turning back,

What stood in front of me can best be described as an “angel”!

As we walked out of the auditorium with her in front,

Staring at the curves exposed by her tight jean and armless top,

Lustful desires stormed my head!

The dark path to her hostel was just perfect

The cold winds narrowed my options

If only I had not obliged to walk her

If I had listened to her solemn pleas

Caught up in the heat of the passion

I forgot my safety kits!

Now just five months after that evil night

Here I am,

Serving in a remote village in the East

Ekaete out of school and without a home

Forced to pitch her tent with me

Both forced to survive on my mean allowance

And worse, expecting baby(s) I never planned for!

I ask myself,

Is it my fate or my destiny?

Must I suffer all my life because of one night’s mistake?

How long will this last?

How long will my so called love withstand this trial?

I face everyday with so many challenges I can’t overcome!

Now you’ve heard my story

Before you judge me,

What’s yours?!

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